Ancient Games for overall development


Our Ancestors had plenty of games for every age and ability for body mind and social developments. In olden days grandparents, parents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and children of all ages and abilities used to play together using things around them with every one. That ensured bonding, belongingness and lot of social and interpersonal skills.

In our first set we are bringing games that can be played by every one just using seeds, stones, shells at home. They improve hand eye coordination, focus, patience and fine motor and gross motor skills

These games are pure fun and every one enjoys them while it also helps in developing social and interpersonal and life skills.

These are family fun games and for inclusive development hence every one can play irrespective of their age and ability.

We will do Initial 3 sessions each 1 for an hour . We need you to bring only assorted seeds of all sizes and colors like Rajma, Ground nut, Almonds, Tamarind seeds etc . We will learn and play very simple, basic games from olden days.

We can have special needs along with their care takers to learn and play the games. Once learnt / reminded these games can be played at home with family as often as possible and see yourself the benefits in each and every one